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Withered Nest Collection Asymmetrical Earrings-E0795

Withered Nest Collection Asymmetrical Earrings-E0795

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  • Material: S925 Silver / Natural Pearl
  • Colour: 18K Gold-Plated Silver | 18K White Gold-Plated Silver
  • Size: Height Approx. 39mm/54mm Width: Approx.14mm. 
  • Pearl: Approx.5mm~5.5mm 

Inspired by the interpretation of life, these earrings embrace the concept of "withered vines holding nests" in their design language. The silver portion of the design features claw settings, symbolizing the twilight of life, while the round pearls represent the new nests nurturing life on withered branches. This juxtaposition of elements beautifully captures the essence of growth and renewal amidst the passage of time.

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